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Seaside Causal's humble beginnings date back to 1996 when they began making pieces of furniture in their lumberyard on Rhode Island. What started out as a hobby, later turned out to be a furniture revolution! With a great deal of encouragement from the local community, Seaside Casual grew from making just a single Adirondack chair to assembling and selling thousands of chairs. The single Adirondack design has today grown to become a collection of over 80 products. Seaside Casual Bench 

Envirowood is a unique (HDPE) High Density Polyethylene lumber that Seaside Casual introduced back in 1999. Seaside Casual made this environmentally friendly and unique blend by recycling plastic containers and bottles. Envirowood is permeated with pigments that are UV stabilized to ensure an even look throughout a piece of the lumber. The result is a durable and smoother finish that averts chalking and resists fading.


To give the feel and opulence of real wood in all the furniture, Seaside Casual mills and routers the lumber making it simulate traditional wood. As for the joints, they are secured using tenon joinery and mortise while the corners and edges are refined on accurate CNC machinery. Basically, Seaside Casual creates the outdoor collection using specifications only used to create interior furniture.

Stainless steel fasteners vary and are different. Low grade, low quality stainless components corrode faster when met with the harsh conditions of coastal environments. To avoid this, Seaside Casual only uses the best stainless steel that can withstand such weather- 316 marine grade stainless steel; ensuring that all fasteners are well protected from the elements.  The great thing about the HDPE material that is used as lumber to create different furniture is that, unlike mold materials, it is able to withstand a great deal of pressure and high temperatures without yielding. At the same time, Seaside Casual uses structural aluminum to reinforce critical frame supports in vital locations of furniture. What you get when you combine these two aspects is a product that is as steady and solid as rock and which will not topple, turn over or tip on your deck or patio.
Seaside Casual Furniture

Seaside Casual ensure that the slats are adequately spaced to provide a feeling of support and sturdiness as you sit on and lean back on your chair.


Seaside Casual makes sure that all the surfaces of the seats are superbly finished. The seats and the backs are all supported and slatted plus come with that great finish that make the chair look simply stunning from any angle even without the cushions.

The wide range of upholstery and custom fitted cushions are made from Outdura and Sunbrella- premium fabrics that do not fade, and are stain and water resistant.

To ensure that the products are safe and reliable, Seaside Casual is constantly testing their ergonomics during and throughout the design period. It is Seaside Casual's firm belief that you, the customer, should get the opportunity to test any product when making a purchase.  As such, Seaside Casual has fostered relationships with retailing companies that provide mortar and brick showrooms. Through this relationship, Seaside Casual is able to prove their expertise and provide the customer with services he/she will appreciate.


All the products come with a 20 year warranty that prove Seaside Casual's commitment and will offer the support of a family owned and run company with over a century in the making.